The mission of the Integrated Research and Development Laboratory is to provide efficient, high-quality, cost-effective technical research laboratory support to Marshfield Clinic investigators. It provides investigators three basic resources:

Integrated Research and Development Laboratory staff offer the following services:

  • Laboratory facilities for investigators, such as clinicians, who do not have access to dedicated laboratories
  • Highly trained research associates who can be assigned to, or otherwise augment, research projects when it is not appropriate to hire additional staff, e.g., when projects are of limited duration or have limited personnel requirements
  • Scientific equipment to support multiple studies by different organizations and investigators, e.g., equipment that is too expensive to be purchased and maintained by a single Center

The Integrated Research and Development Laboratory instrumentation is capable of supporting tissue culture, bacteriology, virology, molecular microbiology, and general molecular biology, genetics, and genotyping research; including:

  • Cell culture and analysis: MoFlo flow cytometer and cell sorter, incubators (standard and CO2) and microscopes (inverted and conventional, fluorescent and visible)
  • Analytical equipment: Gamma counter, scintillation counters, fluorimeters, spectrophotometers, ELISA readers and electrophoresis
  • Imaging: Nikon Eclipse 600 digital image capture and Metamorph software, Gel Dock 2000 electrophoretic imager and Zeiss model 9 electron microscope
  • Molecular analyses: DNA sequencing capability with DNAsis and DNAStar software, LightCycler real time PCR, DNA imaging and analysis software and GeneAmp 9700 thermocycler
  • Chromatography: Amino acid analyzer, GC, HPLC and LC capabilities
  • Biosafety level-3 (BSL-3) containment capabilities
  • Various support equipment such as autoclaves, Milli-Ro water systems, vented laminar-flow hoods, fume hoods, refrigerated and high-speed centrifuges, ultra-cold freezers, water baths, shakers, pH meters, and analytical balances
  • Genotyping platforms including Affymetrix and Sequenome mass spectrophotometer

Investigators should submit project requirements by memorandum to the Integrated Research and Development Laboratory. Projects are prioritized on the basis of:

  • Availability of alternative laboratory support, e.g., clinician projects will normally be given priority
  • Funding source, e.g., extramurally-funded projects will normally be given priority over internally funded projects
  • Potential impact on the scientific and medical communities, both with respect to scientific merit and to medical urgency, e.g., projects with higher potential impact will get priority.

For more information, please contact us:

Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation
Integrated Research and Development Laboratory
1000 North Oak Ave
Marshfield, WI  54449
1-800-782-8581, ext. 16465 or 715-221-6465