Research Compliance at Marshfield Clinic

The Research Compliance program at Marshfield Clinic is in place to ensure that the rights and welfare of our patients and subjects are protected. The program also aims to ensure that our research is of high quality and scientifically valid, which bolsters integrity and credibility.

Research Compliance is a division of Marshfield Clinic’s Corporate Compliance Office. It is responsible for oversight of research conducted at Marshfield Clinic and MCRF to assure that it complies with various requirements. The Research Compliance Officer serves as the administrator of the MCRF Research Compliance Committee, which is a committee with representation from MCRF centers and office leadership, as well as active investigators.  The Research Compliance Officer performs a variety of duties that include, developing an annual Risk Assessment and Work Plan, implementing regulatory changes that impact research, performing and directing education efforts, conducting auditing of research, reviewing reports of potential non-compliance, and working closely with MCRF leadership to address compliance concerns.  MCRF Administration, the Marshfield Clinic Corporate Compliance Officer and Privacy Officer work in closely with the Research Compliance office.

Staff identification of risks, and input on compliance monitoring and auditing processes, is vital to the success of the Research Compliance Program. Staff are encouraged to reach out to the Research Compliance Officer or to their Center or Office Director or Administrator when they have questions or to report compliance issues. The Research Compliance Office can be contacted by calling 715-221-7040. Concerns or issues of staff may also be confidentially reported via an anonymous email or telephone hotline, with links found on the Corporate Compliance website.