Areas of Research

Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation is organized into five research Centers.

Clinical Research Center supports approximately 400 clinical trials (drug, device and therapy) for multispecialty and oncology, as well as other patient oriented research.

National Farm Medicine Center is one of the longest-running and most successful agricultural health and safety research centers in the country.

Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Population Health contributes to medical and scientific knowledge through population-based and other epidemiologic research, and its studies have led both to improved medical care and more effective public health policies. Marshfield Clinic became recognized internationally for research in human genetics in the early 1990s with the discovery at Marshfield of short tandem repeat polymorphisms, which revolutionized the study of human genetics. Marshfield Maps became and remain today among the most reliable and widely used maps of the human genome.

Center for Human Genetics continues to advance knowledge of the structure of the human genome and the genetic basis of complex diseases, while expanding in the fields of genetic epidemiology, pharmacogenetics, population genetics and the clinical implementation of genomic medicine. 

Biomedical Informatics Research Center (BIRC) conducts cutting edge biomedical research and translates scientific discoveries into clinical and dental practice through innovation, education, collaboration, and application of informatics best practices. BIRC contributes to a majority of funded projects conducted within MCRF and is the steward of MCRF’s information resources and computing infrastructure.